Thermocline Socks

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These are a fantastic alternative to neoprene socks worn under neoprene boots. Minimise abrasion and allergy reaction to neoprene boots.

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Thermocline collection



"A neoprene-free alternative to a traditional wetsuit made with recycled ghost fishing nets. Neutrally buoyant, lightweight and with a fleece lining that provides the equivalent warmth of 2mm neoprene, this is perfect for travel and tropical diving."

neoprene free

Next generation oceanwear


Neoprene free

Thermocline provides a solution for many people who suffer from neoprene allergies either by replacing the traditional wetsuit entirely or acting as a barrier, reducing contact between the skin and the wetsuit itself.


Utilising a unique fabric made using ECONYL® recycled Nylon from ghost fishing nets, laminated with a waterproof membrane and thermal fleece, Thermocline revolutionises
the notion that being environmentally responsible means sacrificing performance or aesthetics.