Strap for Masks

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Change your strap from one of your Fourth Element Mask to one of those comfortable elastic headband.
Fits to all Fourth Element Mask
Features & Fitting

Collapsible tab contentComfortable elastic headband made with recycled materials
Easily interchangeable straps

fourth element

low volume freediving mask

photograph by Joost Joost Boerman

freedive and tech diving masks

Aquanaut & Navigator

Aquanaut mask

The AUQANAUT mask is a low volume freediving mask, and comes with clarity or contrast lens.

Clearity lens


📷 Ideal for UW photographer

The CLARITY is manufactured with the highest level of purity to deliver maximum visual acuity during a dive.

Maximising the amount of transmitted light, without any tint from impurities in the glass, is the ideal lens for night divers and photographers.


🪄 Ideal for temperate seas.

Filtering out some of the mid-range wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum, the CONTRAST lens has a green appearance.

The CONTRAST lens provides full UVA and UVB protection from harmful ultraviolet which can damage the retina.