Snorkel Floating

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Suitable for freediving or as an additional stowable snorkel, this fourth element snorkel floats and folds away. To take anywhere your adventure takes you.
Features & Fitting

Collapsible tab contentFloating snorkel
Foldable for easy storage
Classic J shape
Detachable snorkle keeper

Fabric & Care

Silicon and PET
Wash in clean warm water before use
Rinse with your mask after each dive

fourth element

low volume freediving mask

photograph by Joost Joost Boerman

freedive and tech diving masks

Aquanaut & Navigator

Aquanaut mask

The AUQANAUT mask is a low volume freediving mask, and comes with clarity or contrast lens.

Clearity lens


📷 Ideal for UW photographer

The CLARITY is manufactured with the highest level of purity to deliver maximum visual acuity during a dive.

Maximising the amount of transmitted light, without any tint from impurities in the glass, is the ideal lens for night divers and photographers.


🪄 Ideal for temperate seas.

Filtering out some of the mid-range wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum, the CONTRAST lens has a green appearance.

The CONTRAST lens provides full UVA and UVB protection from harmful ultraviolet which can damage the retina.