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Scuba diving mask



I tested the SCOUT mask from the brand Fourth Element now since November 2021, and I used it almost everyday! And Since day one, Iam absolut stoke about this product. 

In this blog article I would like to introduce the mask, tell the features, what is a sustainable factor, and my personal fazit.

Fourth Element is a diving brand founded in the UK with a mission to combine high-performance products with environmental protection. The founders are passionate divers and ocean lovers, and this passion can be found in each of their products. 

Some key features about the mask: 

The skirt is available in black and white and is made of super soft silicone. Which gives following benefits,

  • it fits to almost every face,
  • you have an amazing feeling on the skin with less to no mark.

You can choose a lens that best suits your diving conditions, and the color from the strap.
📷 Underwater photographers,and dive instructors or guides would prefer the CLARITY because the lens is made with the highest level of purity to deliver maximum visual acuity during a dive.

☀️Divers who prefer warm areas with lots of sun and bright water will enjoy the benefits of the SHIELD and ENHANCE lenses. They provide UV protection, filter HEV radiation and reduce glare.

✨The CONTRAST lens also provides UV protection and filters out some of the mid-wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum. It has a green appearance.

The strap is made of 100% recycled materials, and it will be delivered in a protection case without any useless plastic packaging. 



 My fazit:

I choose the white skirt with the shield lens and the grey strap. What I like the most, is gentle feeling on my skin even after long time wearing, i dont have heavy or painful marks in my face. And I got mostly the a mark on my cheekbones, but not with the scout mask. Additional I am super happy with the sun protection as i feel more safe here in the Caribbean sun. The protection case is nice and very useful, overall it looks very high end and keen produced. I ordered another mask to Aruba, and I was super happy, that it comes without any plastic packaging. Aruba has, as most beautiful dive destination, just a landfill, so each plastic waste is one to much!

I can highly recommend the SCOUT MASK from Fourth Element. 

August 07, 2022 — Lisa Kremeier