My Story

About Stilabunt


Stilare means " drop " in Latin, and Stilabunt is a neologism created during an evening with friends. So special thanks to my friend Zoe, who was currently putting a lot of effort into her latin exam for her studies.

"Little drops make the mighty ocean"

Each individual contributes to the whole. May it be your contribution to the protection of our planet or the drop that falls after each sports practice and has improved you

I create a shop for uniquie brands

sustainable water & outdoor sports

This is the main subject of Stilabunt and the common thread among all the brands you will find here.

Fourth Element

Creating sustainable water sports gear, and outdoor clothing. From wetsuits, swimsuits, masks and fins, to cozy hoodies and warm ponchos. Specialyied in drysuits for scuba diving. Fourth Element, based in UK, make sure, to keep you warm and offers best peromance in scubadiving and surface sports, while you can focus on your sports.


curated watersports and outdoor brands

The ocean and nature have been my passion since I was a little girl.

As an environmental management manager with a consulting background in the circular economy, I started looking around the industry for innovative and exemplary companies for sustainable sports equipment. With stilabunt I want to share my personal selection of brands from the watersports and outdoor industry.

All the brands I present on stilabunt share the same values and have the mission to combine high performance, durability and the lowest possible social and environmental impact.

Make passion to profession

Stilabunt is my personal shopping experience that I want to share with you.

I create an easy access to unique brands. So everyone can benefit from my selection and make their shopping experience directly more sustainable.

In addition, I am happy to support you with questions of any kind to find the right products for your sport.