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Sie müssen nicht im Meer sein, um das Beste aus unserem langärmligen Hydro-T-Rashguard herauszuholen. Die lockere Passform ist für den Einsatz im und außerhalb des Wassers konzipiert und gibt Ihnen Raum zum Atmen und Bewegen, während das leichte Material Feuchtigkeit ableitet. Unser Hydro-T aus baltischblauem Stoff mit farblich abgestimmtem coolem blauen Branding ist ideal zum Tauchen, Schnorcheln, Surfen, SUP, Yoga, Laufen, Radfahren und mehr.


Jeder Hydro-T wird aus etwa 4 recycelten Plastikflaschen hergestellt, wodurch verhindert wird, dass sie auf Mülldeponien landen oder, schlimmer noch, in unsere Ozeane gelangen.

Features & Fitting

Collapsible tab contentZur Verwendung im oder außerhalb des Wassers
27 % recyceltes Polyester
UV-Schutz UPF 50+
Leicht, feuchtigkeitstransportierend
Ultraschnell trocknend
Biologisch abbaubare Verpackung

Lockere Passform
Studiomodels tragen Größe M und sind 190 cm, 6' 2,5" / Brustumfang 108 cm, 42" / Taille 79 cm, 31" groß.

Fabric & Care

63 % Polyester / 10 % Elasthan / 27 % recyceltes Polyester
Maschinenwaschbar bei 30 °C

fourth element
Fourth Element

Sustainable water sport

high quality performance

"Fourth Element is dedicated to making the best gear for your underwater adventures, from award winning drysuits and wetsuits to swimwear and rashguards made from recycled ghost fishing nets. We develop our products to perform in the world’s most extreme environments and we are working to minimise their impact on our planet and its oceans."


Recycled Nylon

One of the key ingredients of neoprene, Eco Carbon Black, is recycled by our wetsuit factory from post-consumer scrap tyres. This significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emissions by 200g per wetsuit.


Utilising a unique fabric made using ECONYL® recycled Nylon from ghost fishing nets, laminated with a waterproof membrane and thermal fleece, Thermocline revolutionises
the notion that being environmentally responsible means sacrificing performance or aesthetics.

UPF 50+ fabric

Active Fit

Our UPF 50+ fabric is a blend of recycled nylon and xtra life™ LYCRA® which gives generous stretch and also offers extended protection against chlorine and salt.


This swimwear is made of ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon, a significant percentage of which comes from fishing nets recovered from the sea.

Sustainable Packaging

Single-use plastic packaging just isn’t OK anymore. It pollutes our water ways, suffocating marine life and breaking down into micro plastics which enter our food chain. We still aren’t perfect but we’re improving and working hard to become single-use plastic free.

Limestone neoprene

During the neoprene production process, limestone is used to replace petrochemicals to form rubber chips. You achieve the same performance as traditional neoprene, but with way less environmental impact

Recycled Rubber

One of the key ingredients of neoprene, Eco Carbon Black, is recycled by our wetsuit factory from post-consumer scrap tyres. This significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emissions by 200g per wetsuit.

Ocean postive

No More Microplastics

Water soluble | Recyclable | Compostable
Biodegradable | Non-toxic | Marine-safe
Zero waste

Our No More Microplastics packaging is 100% water soluble, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable – eliminating the problems that plastic usually causes when we attempt to dispose of it.

Develop better products

A Better Neoprene

Limestone Neoprene | Recycled Rubber | Dope-Dyed Yarn (exclusive products)

After the neoprene creation process, the redundant trimmed materials will be recycled and reused in the mixing process to produce more neoprene sheets. Overall huge amounts of raw materials are saved, energy consumption is reduced and waste water and air emissions are minimised during production.

Recycled materials

The recycled dive fin. It is the unique combination of materials which makes this fin special. The plastic is made from 100% reclaimed post-consumer waste polypropylene and the rubber is made with recycled TPR. By using materials in this way, we are preventing plastic being sent to landfill or ending up as waste in the ocean as part of fourth element’s mission to become OceanPositive.